One Foot Out the Door

I've got one foot under the covers, 
The other just needs to breathe
It's not that I'm on my way out
But I'm always half planning to leave

I've got 14 things in my shopping cart
That I don't intend to buy
And my eye on a ticket to anywhere
A homebody with the urge to fly

I might seem a walking contradiction
But they're all just pieces of me
I won't be defined by one singular part
Just ’cause you’re scared of complexity

I’ve got clothes in my closet
I’ve never worn and probably won’t
If you’re tempted to freeze me in time
Or cling to the past, please don’t

I want quiet and chaos
To be alone in a crowd
To make home mean wherever I am
I want to be cozy but not in a rut
I won’t finish half of the things that I start
But I’ll never stop starting new things

I’ve got one hand hid in my pocket
The other is reaching out
It’s not that I’m scared to be alone
But I’ll never stop having doubts

Published by Aly Writes

I bake. I write. What goes better together than a good story and a delicious fresh-baked pastry? Nothing. And I can give you both. Grab a hot cuppa and join me.

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