Yet More #30Words30Days

Here’s the latest batch of tiny stories for this month’s 30 Words, 30 Days challenge. It’s hard to believe the month is winding down and it will soon be May. I hope to return to your regularly scheduled programming of flash fiction, writing tips, and recipes soon.

Day 19: Stranger

Have you ever seen a stranger on a bus and just known in some core part of your being that in another world, at another time, they could’ve been everything?

Day 20: Guest

She’s got a hoar-frost vibe and a forced smile that feels like sleet driven horizontally by an east wind. You might be the guest, but she didn’t extend the invitation.

Day 21: Ideology

It’s giving true crime podcast. It’s giving Tay-Tay’s Reputation era. It’s giving mainlining PSLs [ironically] and Kendall cutting cucumber. Her ideology is nobody gives a schnitzel anyway, and it slays.

Day 22: Adjacent

There’s a restaurant adjacent to the old Super 8 that serves up heart disease on a plate with coconut cream pie for dessert. Rumor has it the coleslaw there has more than just Miracle Whip to credit for its tang.

Day 23: Ritual

It’s become a hallowed ritual, watching you each day. I see you from my window, just from where you park, until you disappear around the corner onto Main. 37 steps.

Day 24: Clique

All Penny’s friends told her the lake-trip was cancelled; their snapchat stories soon revealed the truth. No longer glossy enough to be included, she planned a surprise for her replacement.

Day 25: Initiation

A pair of drinking-fountains, porcelain streaked with rust, still adorn the hall —paint peeling, shabby linoleum. Climb tread-bare steps in fading light to spend the night alone with the whispers.

If you haven’t already, give it a go and post a 30-word story for me in the comments. C’mon, it would make my day!

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