10 More (More) Notable Canadian Literary Magazines

As many of my fellow writers can attest, finding a home for your work can be challenging (read: feels impossible sometimes). Here are 10 Canadian journals I’ve encountered in my hunt for suitable places to submit my stories.

A Cheat’s Post

AlyWrites is on a hiatus of sorts this week. Working three jobs in an already busy season is not conducive to doing much writing. Instead of a brilliant new piece of flash, I offer my dear readers four tiny stories in 30 words. In a delightful Twitter challenge from Sumitra, a super talented writer IContinue reading “A Cheat’s Post”

March 2023 Editing Update

I’m not thrilled that I’m a leave-it-to-the-last-minute kind of gal, but I am who I am, it is what it is, and that’s where we are. If I can manage to finish this round of edits by end of day Friday, I plan to pass the manuscript off to my beta readers and forget about it for a while.

How to Keep Writing When You Feel Like Giving Up

I get it. I feel you. The struggle is real. How to persevere as a writer when you feel like giving up? Here are ten suggestions. I hope some combination of these helps.