10 More (More) Notable Canadian Literary Magazines

As many of my fellow writers can attest, finding a home for your work can be challenging (read: feels impossible sometimes). Here are 10 Canadian journals I’ve encountered in my hunt for suitable places to submit my stories.

At the time of this blog being posted, some of these publications may not currently be accepting submissions, so do check when their submission windows are open. As always, please read their submission guidelines carefully and familiarize yourself with the type of work they publish before submitting.

Agnes and True

Agnes and True is a Canadian online literary journal that accepts short fiction submissions (500-3,500 words) year-round. They accept submissions from outside Canada, while still emphasizing stories “that exhibit a Canadian sensibility.” What I love about this journal is that they celebrate women and place particular importance on discovering and publishing the work of emerging older writers.

Agnes and True is a paying market: CAD 75.00 per story upon publication.

Arc Poetry

Arc Poetry publishes in print and digitally and accepts general submissions of previously unpublished poetry from April 1 to July 31 and from September 1 to December 31. They also accept pitches for prose essays and interviews as well as for a 500-word column, “How Poems Work.”

Arc Poetry pays $50 per page for poetry. Submissions are free for Canadians and $2 per poem for US submitters.

The Capilano Review

The Capilano Review was founded in 1972 at Capilano College in North Vancouver. They publish three print and digital issues per year. “Each issue of TCR includes art, poetry, fiction, essays, and interviews commissioned by the editor, as well as a small selection of unsolicited poetry and prose.” They accept submissions of poetry (max 8 pages) and prose (max 2,000 words).

Contributors are paid $50 per published page, max $500.

Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche is a Quebec-based online literary magazine that publishes three annual issues. They accept poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, photogprahy, and comics submissions.

All successful contributors will receive an honorarium of $75, along with publication in the magazine.

Exile Quarterly

“EXILE magazine publishes literary and speculative fiction, poetry, non-fiction, translations, drama and art from across Canada and around the world. Each year (four issues), we present approximately sixty contributors, which includes progressive talent who have previously published with us, through to new talent redefining the boundaries of contemporary literature and art.”

Exile Quarterly does not accept unsolicited submissions from non-Canadian writers. There is a $10 fee to submit work. They are a paying market; please see their website for details.

Peripheral Review

“Founded in 2016, Peripheral Review is an independent platform for documenting and expanding the emerging and under-represented Canadian art scene, as well as enabling access for emerging writers by encouraging accessible critical dialogue.” Peripheral Review accepts submissions of reviews (500-1,200 words), interviews (1,500-2,500 words), and potentially feature essays and experimental pieces.

Peripheral Review offers successful submissions a fee for published pieces on their website and in print.

Prairie Fire

Prairie Fire, based in Manitoba, is an award-winning Canadian journal of innovative writing that has been published quarterly by Prairie Fire Press, Inc. for over 44 years. They publish in print and online and accept submissions by snail mail only of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction.

Prairie Fire is a paying market at a rate of $40 per poem or $0.10 per word for prose.

Untethered Magazine

Untethered is a Toronto-based literary journal looking for poetry (max 2 poems) and prose fiction or non-fiction (max 3,000 words). They publish two print issues per year.

Contributors receive a $20 honorarium OR one copy of the issue in which the contributor’s work appears.


Vallum Magazine publishes two issues each year, in print and digitally. They accept submissions of poetry, essays, and interviews. Vallum also runs a chapbook award as well as a poetry award.

Submissions require a minimum $3.00 donation.


A Montreal-based literary journal, Yolk accepts submissions for Canadian contributors only for print issues and international submissions for their digital publication. They are looking for fiction and poetry not exceeding 3,000 words or non-fiction works (not exceeding 4,000 words) that suit specific prompts as listed in their submissions guidelines.

Yolk does not currently compensate its contributors, although those selected for publication in a print issue will receive a free copy of the journal.

For an additional twenty fabulous submission opportunities for Canadian writers, see my previous articles, 10 Notable Canadian Literary Magazines and 10 (More) Notable Canadian Literary Magazines.

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